FACE2FACE looks at the lives of 21 Old and New Testament heroes to provide courage, inspiration and insight for us today.

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" Helping others with a collection of thoughts, reflections, musings and images to inspire and provoke further investigation on the spiritual journey. "

Millenia of history separate us from characters we read about in the Bible, but it doesn’t take a PhD in imagination to apply the principles and example of their lives to draw inspiration for our own daily journeys.

FACE2FACE looks into 21 Old and New Testament lives. It was birthed through grappling in my own life between what I see with my eyes and feel with my emotions, and what I understand with my head and believe with all my heart. The longer I have spent with these heroes, the more I grow in admiration and love for them. There will be plenty to chew when we we meet on that great and glorious day, when we see, face to face, our Maker, our Redeemer, and our forebears in person. For the time being we must look and see them partially, as in a mirror.