Podcast Diary

Tim Hughes

Worship leader & pastor

International worship leader, Tim Hughes, talks about his journey, worship, justice, tough places and church planting.   [14:04]

Rachel Hughes

Women in leadership

Rachel Hughes is a church planter and pastor of Gas Street Church in Birmingham with husband, Tim. She shares about her early years, discovering private worship as a young mum and women in leadership.  [16:52]

Margaret McAllister

Fitness and dance in worship

Fitness League teacher Margaret McAllister talks about fitness, faith and dance in worship.  [12:08]

John Sutherland

Keeping the peace and falling to pieces

Former Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent, John Sutherland talks about the privilege and challenges of a life in blue; his depression that led to early retirement; and where his faith fitted in.   [13:53]

Mel Wynn

A life driven by faith

Mel Wynn is a sales consultant for a large American, global software company. Mel talks about being a street pastor, how her faith plays out at work, a short term mission trip and her call to ordination.  [19:37]

Jeremy Marshall

Living with cancer

Jeremy Marshall was a bank CEO now living with a terminal cancer diagnosis. He shares his upbringing, the world of high finance, living with cancer, and his passion for sharing his faith.   [37:03]

David McKie

Mental health challenges

David McKie worked in the NHS as a clinical psychologist, supporting teenagers. David talks about the pressures young people face in today’s world.    [13:25]

Lesley Rice

Living through bereavement

Lesley talks about the death of her husband, Stephen, from cancer in 2016 and her subsequent bereavement.     [11:41]

James Burke-Dunsmore

Playing the role of Jesus

Actor, James Burke-Dunsmore talks about playing the role of Jesus in the Wintershall Passion Plays.     [16:49]

Rev Martin Wainwright

Army chaplain

Parish Vicar, Rev Martin Wainwright talks about life as an army chaplain    [07:37]

Yvonne Edwards

Set free from addiction

Yvonne Edwards’ story takes her through the depths of rampant hedonism, aggressive atheism and uncontrolled addition before, at her lowest ebb and after taking an overdose, she discovered new life in Jesus Christ    [24:08]

Anna Norton

The power of words

Anna Norton, like many women in busy 21st Century life, keeps many plates spinning as a mum of two children, drama teacher, preacher at her local church and, more recently, an ordinand training to serve in the Church of England.  [25:52]


Clare Brown

Supporting those in financial need

Clare Brown shares about how her faith helped her cope with serious illness, and led her to support people in financial difficulties through Christians Against Poverty.   [16:14]

Clare Marsh

Supporting university students

Recently graduated Cambridge University student and hockey blue, Clare Marsh talks about college life and supporting students.  [16:20]

Paul Unsworth

Faith & business in tandem

CEO and Pastor of the Kahaila Cafe Church, Paul Unsworth, talks about the opportunities an initiative that is both a business and a church can create. [15:35]

Rick Allen

Trusting God in the Himalayas

Rick Allen’s day job, in oil and gas, took took him around the world. But his first love is mountaineering.  [16:34]

Rev Waseem Khokhar

Faith in the face of persecution

Rev Waseem Khokhar supports and trains the persecuted church in Pakistan under the banner of Lahore Evangelical Ministries.  [15:08]

Jeremy Randall

A worked out faith

Jeremy Randall spent many years working in local government finance, and talks about church giving, being a school governor, running a marriage guidance course, and a love of gardening.  [12:18]

Jean Watson

Proclaiming freedom to the prisoners

Jean Watson shares how God is at work in our prisons though the restorative justice based Sycamore Tree programme.  [09:21]

Major General Tim Cross

An Army Life … and the importance of Remembrance

Retired Major General, Tim Cross talks about a career in the British Army, finding faith, loving Jesus and the importance of Remembrance. [32:56]

Rev Dr Richard Warden

School Chaplaincy

Richard Warden lifts the lid on life as the chaplain of a large multi-faith school.  [29:31]

Akeel Sachak

Investment banking

Akeel Sachak, Head of Global Consumer at Rothschild & Co, talks about the world of investment banking, and the way his faith guides him, both in his working life, and in how he uses his resources . [20:10]