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Walking with Giants – Joseph

Trusting God in hard times

Premier’s Worship at Home presenter, Simon Ward chats with Pete Stanley about a giant of faith in the Old Testament. [33:46]

Andy Peck

Communicating the Gospel

Andy Peck is Host of The Leadership Show on Premier Christian Radio & editor, Youth & Children’s Work magazine. [27:31]

Tony Butterick

Education challenges

Tony Butterick talks about the challenges of education and his love for the natural world. [36:20]

Caroline Stevens


Dairy farmer Caroline Stevens talks about the life of a dairy farmer in the Mendips in Somerset. [14:46]

Inderjit Bhogal

Methodist minister & leading theologian

The Rev Dr Inderjit Bhogal OBE shares his life from humble Sikh upbringing to President of the Methodist church of Great Britain. [27:43]

Walking with Giants – Barnabas

Son of Encouragement

Premier’s Worship at Home presenter, Simon Ward talks to the Rev Helen Roberts about a leading member of the early church. [33:28]

Keren Hillman

Back to school

Former teacher, Keren Hillman, talk about life as a mum and Young Families Pastor. [18:16]

Tony Miles

Radio presenter & Methodist Minister

Tony Miles is a presenter with Premier Christian Radio and Superintendent of Methodist Central Hall, Westminster. [33:39]

Deborah Paul

A journey from photography to reconciliation 

Deborah Paul shares how the practice of silence is crucial for developing intimacy with God … and where it’s led her. [35:03]

Ron Graham

Grappling with life’s challenges

With God’s grace and the help of Christian friends & organisations, Ron Graham is winning a battle against mental health problems and financial difficulties. [26:47]

Karen Carter

Stories from the Field

Karen Carter works for the Fresh Expressions team with the Salvation Army at Strawberry Field in Liverpool. [25:55]

Steve Bunting

Vicar on a Mission

Rev Steve Bunting is vicar of St Thomas’s Church, Swansea. [31:48]

David & Georgina Gray

Bible Translation

David & Georgina Gray are involved in bible translation work in Russia & West Asia. [35:05]

Sam Luke

Building bridges

Professor Sam Luke is a senior director with the global engineering consultancy, Jacobs Europe. [24:36]

Archbishop Angaelos

From desert monk to London Archbishop

Archbishop Angaelos is Archbishop of the London Diocese of the Coptic Orthodox Church


Chick Yuill

Faith, Crisis & Creativity

Chick Yuill is an author, speaker and presenter on Premier Christian Radio.  [22:24]

Eloise Appleby

Charity chief executive

Eloise Appleby is Chief Executive of the Grange Centre, a charity supporting adults with learning disabilities & some with physical disabilities.  [29:09]

Phelim Doherty


Phelim Doherty, with his wife Nicola, leads River City Church in Derry/Londonderry.  [41:55]

Pete & Christine Winmill

Making church accessible for those with learning disabilities

Pete & Christine Winmill are founders of the learning disability charity, Count Everyone In – .  [30:43]


Pete & Christine Winmill

Making church accessible for those with learning disabilities

Pete & Christine Winmill are founders of the learning disability charity, Count Everyone In – .  [30:43]


Geoff Bond

From difficult childhood to fulfilled career

Geoff Bond is Learning & Development Co-ordinator for the West Midlands region of the Methodist Church.  [28:45]


Walking with Giants – Mary & Martha

Lessons for today from two inspiring women in the New Testament

Premier’s Worship at Home presenter, Simon Ward talks to the Rev Helen Roberts about three scenes from the life of Mary & Martha.  [33:02]


Ben Doolan

Church planter

Ben Doolan leads a brand new church plant in the North East of England. [25:14]


Michael Fanstone

Premier Presenter & Baptist Minister

Michael Fanstone presents Premier Tonight each Sunday evening on Premier Christian Radio. [30:44]


Walking with Giants – John

Lessons for today from the disciple whom Jesus loved

Premier’s Worship at Home presenter, Simon Ward talks to the Rev David Senior about the apostle John. [27:12]


Christine McAteer

Training for Ordination

Christine McAteer works part-time for two charities and is training for ordination in the Church of England. [31:41]


Keith Butler

Pastor in Paris

Keith Butler is Pastor of a French Baptist Church in suburban Paris. [21:25]

Walking with Giants – Ruth & Naomi

Lessons for today from 2 Old Testament heroines of the faith

Premier’s Worship at Home presenter, Simon Ward talks to the Rev Helen Roberts about the story of Ruth & Naomi. [35:34]

Steve Gaukroger

International Bible teacher

Steve Gaukroger is founder & director of Clarion International. [33:01]

Hilary Allen

GP & Poet 

Hilary Allen is a family doctor in Somerset and author of a recently published book of poems: ‘Seeing in the Dark’. [24:35]

Jackie Bellfield

Methodist Minister 

The Rev Jackie Bellfield is Circuit Minister for the Wirral Methodist Churches. [28:14]

Walking with Giants – Caleb

Lessons for today from an Old Testament hero of the faith

Premier’s Worship at Home presenter, Simon Ward talks to Pete Stanley about the life & ministry of the Old Testament hero of the faith  who said ‘yes’ to God, when those round him said ‘no’ – Caleb.  [33:43]

Cindy Kent MBE

Singer, Broadcaster, Priest

Cindy Kent MBE was lead singer with pop group, The Settlers, a presenter with Premier Christian Radio & an Anglican priest.  [34:00]

John Flanner

Motivational speaker & writer

John Flanner is registered blind. He worked as an audio typist in the civil service and is a motivational writer & speaker, whom it has been said ‘should be available on the NHS!’. John’s latest book, ‘The Well Overflows’ is available from:  [39:04]

Paul Hobbs


Paul Hobbs is an artist based in Gloucester. [31:13]

Frog Orr-Ewing

Worship in a Field – Latimer Minster

Frog Orr-Ewing is a Christian Minister, Evangelist & Social Entrepreneur. [28:47]

Walking with Giants – Peter

Lessons for today from the leader of the early church

Premier’s Worship at Home presenter, Simon Ward talks to Pete Stanley about the life and ministry of the rock on which the church was built, the apostle Peter. [24:07]

Al Gordon

Rector, Hackney Church

Rev Al Gordon is Rector of Hackney Church in London’s East End. [36:18]

Carrie Longton

Co-Founder, Mumsnet

Carrie Longton has been a TV producer and co-founder of [28:02]

Anneka Wallington

Jewellery designer

Anneka Wallington is the founder of social impact jewellery brand, Recognised. [24:51]

Rev Peterson Feital

Supporting Creatives

Rev Peterson Feital is Missioner to the Creative Industries for the Diocese of London and Founder & CEO of the Haven London, a charity looking after the mental health and spirituality of creatives. [22:16]

Walking with Giants – Mary

Lessons for today from Jesus’ mother

Premier’s Worship at Home presenter, Simon Ward talks to the Rev Helen Roberts about the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus. [30:57]

Rev Patrick Forbes

An Unconventional Priest

Patrick Forbes is a broadcaster, author and retired Church of England priest. [26:11]

Robin Ferris 

Food donation champion

Robin Ferris is founder & CEO of Bankuet, the UK’s first food donation platform. [21:56]

General The Lord Dannatt 


General The Lord Dannatt is the British Army’s former Chief of General Staff. [39:13]

Walking with Giants – David 

Lessons for today from the Old Testament King and Psalmist

Premier’s Worship at Home presenter, Simon Ward talks to the Rev David Senior about the life and ministry of King David. [25:13]

Jennifer Rees Larcombe 

Beauty from Ashes

Jennifer Rees Larcombe is an author and founder of Beauty from Ashes. [20:23]

Beryl Moore 

Bringing Heaven to Earth

Beryl Moore, an octogenarian, is a passionate & radical lover of God ministering prayer and teaching through Sovereign Ministries. [22:26]

Janice Sylvia Brock 

International Artist

Janice Sylvia Brock is an internationally acclaimed artist, whose work hangs in private collections around the world. [24:34]

Ruth Yimika Afolabi 

Founder, Magnify magazine

Ruth Yimika Afolabi is the editor & founder of Magnify, a platform to change the narrative of the Christian faith through media. [24:45]

Walking with Giants – Elijah 

Lessons for today from the OT Prophet

Premier’s Worship at Home presenter, Simon Ward talks to the Rev David Senior about the life and ministry of the OT prophet, Elijah. [23:21]

Noel Tredinnick 

Lost in Wonder, Love and Praise

Noel Tredinnick is Conductor Emeritus of the All Souls Orchestra & a familiar voice on Premier Christian Radio presenting All Souls in Praise. [29:45]

Charmaine Noble-Mclean 

A Career in Broadcast

Charmaine Noble-Mclean is Director of Content at Premier Media Group. [26:48]

Esther Higham 

Faith in the Media

Esther Higham presents Inspirational Breakfast on Premier Christian Radio. [21:04]


Faith, Identity, Race, Music

Muyiwa is Station Director for Premier Gospel. [22:43]

Andrew Phillips 

A Life in Radio

Andrew Phillips presents Songs & Stories of Faith, Hope & Love on Premier Christian Radio. [17:42]

Simon Lawson 

Faith in a Family Business

Simon Lawson is Chairman of the family firm Lawsons, the largest independent timber, building material & fencing merchant in SE England. [12:12]

Anthony Delaney 

Reaching out to the Community

Anthony Delaney is leader of the Ivy Church network in Manchester. [34:24]

Val King 

Good Business

Val King is the founder of BFG Associates – Business for Good. [13:13]

Mark Tomlinson 

Social work or Kingdom work?

Mark Tomlinson is the Projects Director for Sutton Community Works. [25:06]

Professor Andrew Sherry 

Nuclear Scientist

Professor Andrew Sherry is Chief Scientist at the National Nuclear Laboratory. [21:24]

Mark & Sara Goodman 

1 Virus 1 Church 1 Future – Part 6: Africa

Mark & Sara Goodman founded the charity Hope for Malawi ( and are currently in Malawi overseeing the building of a secondary school. [12:40]

Sarah & Reuben Singleton 

1 Virus 1 Church 1 Future – Part 5: Australasia

Sarah & Reuben Singleton moved from the UK to serve the church in Australia and now live with their family in New Zealand. [15:20]

Sally & Yagya Singh 

1 Virus 1 Church 1 Future – Part 4: Asia

Sally & Yagya Singh live in Kathmandu, Nepal and set up a non government organisation in 2016 doing community development in areas of Nepal where women and children are at high risk of human trafficking. [23:21]

Jennavave Barbero 

1 Virus 1 Church 1 Future – Part 3: Europe

Jennavave Barbero is a fashion designer living and working in Milan. [14:51]

Jon Tyson 

1 Virus 1 Church 1 Future – Part 2: North America

Jon Tyson is pastor of the Church of the City, New York in Manhattan. [14:36]

Pat Blanchard 

1 Virus 1 Church 1 Future – Part 1: South America

Pat Blanchard is a mission partner with CMS working in Lima, Peru as pastor of an Anglican church and director of a therapy centre for disabled children. [23:56]

Pete Stanley

Kingdom Pioneer

Pete Stanley is director of the Croydon based organisation Ment4, supporting teenagers who are in the criminal justice system. [49:22]

Neil Ambler

A joined-up life

Neil Ambler is CEO of a small business and chairman of an anti trafficking charity. [21:29]

Debra Green

Engaging with the Community

Debra Green OBE, Founding Director of Redeeming our Communities, talks about the work of the national community engagement charity & city wide prayer. [26:15]

John Wyatt

On the NHS frontline; dying well

John Wyatt is Emeritus Professor of Neonatal Paediatrics at University College London and President of the Christian Medical Fellowship. [37:06]

Anita Cleverly

Loss & lament

Anita Cleverly, Staff Pastor at St Aldate’s Oxford, shares about loss & lament, spiritual parenting & church without frontiers. [41:45]

Tim Hughes

Worship leader & pastor

International worship leader, Tim Hughes, talks about his journey, worship, justice, tough places and church planting.   [14:04]

Rachel Hughes

Women in leadership

Rachel Hughes is a church planter and pastor of Gas Street Church in Birmingham with husband, Tim. She shares about her early years, discovering private worship as a young mum and women in leadership.  [16:52]

Mark & Sara Goodman

Bringing hope to the hopeless

Mark & Sara Goodman talk about their work bringing fresh hope to children in one of the world’s poorest countries, through their charity Hope4Malawi.  [11:29]

Margaret McAllister

Fitness and dance in worship

Fitness League teacher Margaret McAllister talks about fitness, faith and dance in worship.  [12:08]

John Sutherland

Keeping the peace and falling to pieces

Former Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent, John Sutherland talks about the privilege and challenges of a life in blue; his depression that led to early retirement; and where his faith fitted in.   [13:53]

Mel Wynn

A life driven by faith

Mel Wynn is a sales consultant for a large American, global software company. Mel talks about being a street pastor, how her faith plays out at work, a short term mission trip and her call to ordination.  [19:37]

Jeremy Marshall

Living with cancer

Jeremy Marshall was a bank CEO now living with a terminal cancer diagnosis. He shares his upbringing, the world of high finance, living with cancer, and his passion for sharing his faith.   [37:03]

Caroline Russell

Coping with illness; adjusting to healing

Caroline Russell found that with coping with healing from multiple sclerosis was almost as challenging as the illness itself.   [11:35]

David McKie

Mental health challenges

David McKie worked in the NHS as a clinical psychologist, supporting teenagers. David talks about the pressures young people face in today’s world.    [13:25]

Lesley Rice

Living through bereavement

Lesley talks about the death of her husband, Stephen, from cancer in 2016 and her subsequent bereavement.     [11:41]

James Burke-Dunsmore

Playing the role of Jesus

Actor, James Burke-Dunsmore talks about playing the role of Jesus in the Wintershall Passion Plays.     [16:49]

Rev Martin Wainwright

Army chaplain

Parish Vicar, Rev Martin Wainwright talks about life as an army chaplain    [07:37]

Yvonne Edwards

Set free from addiction

Yvonne Edwards’ story takes her through the depths of rampant hedonism, aggressive atheism and uncontrolled addition before, at her lowest ebb and after taking an overdose, she discovered new life in Jesus Christ    [24:08]

Anna Norton

The power of words

Anna Norton, like many women in busy 21st Century life, keeps many plates spinning as a mum of two children, drama teacher, preacher at her local church and, more recently, an ordinand training to serve in the Church of England.  [25:52]


Clare Brown

Supporting those in financial need

Clare Brown shares about how her faith helped her cope with serious illness, and led her to support people in financial difficulties through Christians Against Poverty.   [16:14]

Colin Atty

Fruitful Retirement

Colin Atty shares how he has used retirement to serve the local community in a variety of ways.   [11:27]

Clare Marsh

Supporting university students

Recently graduated Cambridge University student and hockey blue, Clare Marsh talks about college life and supporting students.  [16:20]

Paul Unsworth

Faith & business in tandem

CEO and Pastor of the Kahaila Cafe Church, Paul Unsworth, talks about the opportunities an initiative that is both a business and a church can create. [15:35]

Rick Allen

Trusting God in the Himalayas

Rick Allen’s day job, in oil and gas, took took him around the world. But his first love is mountaineering.  [16:34]

Rev Waseem Khokhar

Faith in the face of persecution

Rev Waseem Khokhar supports and trains the persecuted church in Pakistan under the banner of Lahore Evangelical Ministries.  [15:08]

Jeremy Randall

A worked out faith

Jeremy Randall spent many years working in local government finance, and talks about church giving, being a school governor, running a marriage guidance course, and a love of gardening.  [12:18]

Jean Watson

Proclaiming freedom to the prisoners

Jean Watson shares how God is at work in our prisons though the restorative justice based Sycamore Tree programme.  [09:21]

Major General Tim Cross

An Army Life … and the importance of Remembrance

Retired Major General, Tim Cross talks about a career in the British Army, finding faith, loving Jesus and the importance of Remembrance. [32:56]

Rev Dr Richard Warden

School Chaplaincy

Richard Warden lifts the lid on life as the chaplain of a large multi-faith school.  [29:31]

Akeel Sachak

Investment banking

Akeel Sachak, Head of Global Consumer at Rothschild & Co, talks about the world of investment banking, and the way his faith guides him, both in his working life, and in how he uses his resources . [20:10]

Dr Peter Williams

Biblical Scholarship

Dr Peter Williams is Principal of Tyndale House, a Cambridge-based research institute housing one of the world’s most advanced libraries for biblical scholarship.  [27:02]

Sir Jeremy Cooke

Weighing the Evidence

Retired High Court judge, Sir Jeremy Cooke talks about faith, justice & the evidence for Christianity.  [26:31]

Jan Ganney

Serving the Homeless

Jan Ganney talks about her role as a night shelter co-ordinator for homeless people.  [18:53]

John & Anne Coles

New Wine leaders

John & Anne Coles talk about the leading Christian festival & their own walk with Jesus  [37:53]

Canon Charlie Cleverly

Intimacy with God

Canon Charlie Cleverly, Rector of St Aldate’s Oxford, shares insights into how we can develop intimacy with God


Clare Poulson

Following where God leads

Clare Poulson is a mum of three and works part time as a project worker on a large South London housing estate. [21:19]

James Wilmot

Challenging the Male Macho Myth

James Wilmot worked for a year with drug users in South Africa and is passionate about  helping men find their true identity  [26:41]

Christina & Shane Nearman

Eating Disorders, Art & Marriage

Former international models Christina & Shane Nearman discuss how God is using them in this next phase their lives. Click short video below to see Shane’s artwork piece: ‘To What End?’   [22:35]

Serena Dalton


Singer/songwriter Serena Dalton talks about faith, singing & the inspiration behind her recent releases. [27:15]

Ruth Carpenter

Psalms & Stretches

Pilates instructor Ruth Carpenter talks about her movement classes ‘Psalms & Stretches’  [17:00]

Simon Bowkett

Where faith & farming meet

Rev Simon Bowkett is a sheep farmer and pioneer minister in the rural heartland of Wales. [33:00]

Rev Dr Chris Wright

Leading Old Testament scholar

Rev Dr Chris Wright, International Ministries Director of the Langham Partnership, talks about the continuing importance of the Old Testament and ‘The God I Don’t Understand’. 35:31]

Ben Cooley

Working for Justice

Ben Cooley is CEO of Hope for Justice, the charity he founded in 2008 to bring an end to human trafficking & modern slavery.  [26:01]