Day 70 – Flow of Power
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Luke has three focusses in chapter 5: needy people; the first disciples; Jesus Himself.

The needy people come to Jesus for healing. In due course, these same people will come to the disciples. The disciples come to Jesus for their apprenticeship. Jesus, meantime, regularly goes to His Father in prayer. We see, here, a flow of power; from the Father through the Son, to the disciples and on to the people.

If we fast forward to today, the church are the disciples. Otherwise, it is the same process. The people will come to the church (Christians not the buildings), if they have spent time with Jesus, praying to the Father.

If we are not experiencing this in our own lives, it may well be that we are not spending time with Jesus, praying to the Father. That is where the power comes from. That is what will attract people. That is what will transform lives. Not our efforts; His power. Not us; Him.

I have given them the glory that You gave me … then the world will know that You sent me and have loved them even as You loved me [John 17:22,23]

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