Day 65 – Prayer Retreat
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But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. [Luke 5:16]

On Day 59, we considered the importance of creating time and space to be in God’s presence. Here we are again, with Jesus withdrawing from the crowds, and the draining demands that came with them. I wonder what He talked to His Father about. Was it simply for strength to survive the madness that increasingly surrounded Him? That would suggest that His life was out of control, which it clearly was not. I’m sure Jesus would have sought daily, hourly re-filling of the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. So, no, not simply for strength. Guidance? Yes, although again I would think that Jesus was on the case, step by step seeking His Father’s direction. Bigger picture issues would probably have featured at some of these times apart, but I don’t think would have been the regular focus.  I reckon the principal item on the agenda of these special times of withdrawal would have been simply to enjoy His Father’s presence, to rejoice in what had been going on and celebrate the amazing World He had been involved in creating and was now living in.

I’ve entitled today “Prayer Retreat”. I wonder if that conjures up images of saintly types with furrowed brows straining away to get the ear of a complex Divinity way above the reach of you and me. (I exaggerate for effect; no offence intended) Or should we be thinking of an eagerly anticipated oasis – like the Bank Holiday on which I am writing this – when we can swap stories of the good times we’ve had and draw refreshment for the next chapter of life. I’m going to stop writing and run through with Abba (my Heavenly Dad) all the good things I can think of to praise Him about and thank Him for. I’ll keep concerns about tomorrow, back at work and all that, until tomorrow morning.


Thank you Jesus for the early morning sunshine, singing birds, flowers coming into springtime bloom; for the echoes of last night’s worship; for being there with me through testing recent times … I praise You once again that Your love is such that the cross has become a symbol of new life in place of death; that the wood that cross was made of came from one of over 100,000 species of tree You created.

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