Day 45 – An Exclusive Interview With Dr Luke
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Chapter 3 complete’s Luke’s preparations for Jesus’ public ministry and we will shortly move from scene setting to the drama itself. Before we join Jesus in the desert, we are privileged to have Luke with us to give us some extra insight into his Gospel.

SW: Dr Luke, good morning. Thank you for taking time out to join us. We’ve been fascinated by your extended prologue to Jesus’ Earthly ministry. Before the curtain lifts on Act 1, can you share any further thoughts on your telling of this extraordinary story?”

DL: Hello, and thank you for your kind invitation. It’s a real pleasure to be here. When writing my account for Theophilus, I was determined to record accurately not just the facts as I had learned them from eye witnesses, but also something of my own understanding of what was going on; my own diagnosis, if you will. You can take a doctor out of his practice, but you can’t change the practice of a doctor! But I wanted Theophilus to be able to work things out for himself, so I didn’t want to spell everything out in black and white. I always found that patients would gain far more from their time in my surgery if they explored their ailment with me, rather than me just telling them what the problem was and packing them off with a bottle of medicine.

SW: How did this principle play out in your Gospel?

DL: I used the words of the characters themselves to explain the meaning of what was going on behind the storyline. This way, Theophilus would listen to and grapple with their words, whereas he might have tuned out if he felt I was giving him a lecture!

SW:  So the words of the angel, the song of Mary, Zechariah’s outburst of praise, the prophetic insights of Simeon and Anna … they all lifted the veil on a bigger picture. You wrote the story, they spoke the theology: that’s genius!

DL: It was the leading of the Holy Spirit. He is the best teacher you could have.

SW: Touché!  Did you actually meet Jesus yourself?

DL: Sadly, no. It would have been wonderful to have known Him face to face as a friend, like the disciples had the privilege to. Speaking to them, their faces glowed as they spoke of Him. They seemed to have become wise just by being with Him. As if the three years of His ministry was a University course and they’d graduated with 1st class honours degrees in Divine Insight!

SW: Historical detail appears throughout your writings.

DL: It was essential that no one was in any doubt that these were facts I was relaying. I was not an eye witness myself, and I wanted to make sure that Theophilus, and any other subsequent readers of my writings, could be confident that it was built on concrete evidence not hearsay or fanciful speculation. It was hard work checking every fact and making sure all conversations were accurately written down, but my doctor’s training gave me a good ear and strict discipline. Getting it right was a matter of life and death for my patients. I believed it would be similarly so with this Story of all Stories.

SW: Absolutely. Dr Luke, there’s so much more I’d like to ask you, but we don’t have time just now. Thank you, not just for sharing with us today, but for your Gospel and the book of Acts. They have been life changers for millions of people. Including me.


Father God, thank you for Luke; for the contacts you led him to make so he could gather eye witness accounts of Jesus’ walk on Earth; for the detail and insight of his writing. May we, in our day, focus our best efforts in passing on the greatest story ever told. Amen.

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