Day 36 – Stop, Wait, Listen
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There’s Chapter 2 done. Jesus has been born and is growing towards adulthood. Angels have come and gone, as have shepherds. Prophets have spoken over the baby, and Jesus the boy has already been posing challenging questions to the religious leaders. Mary has been watching and listening intently, treasuring all these things in her heart.

But there’s still another chapter to work our way through before we get into the meat of Jesus’ ministry. Luke is very thorough in preparing us. Are we getting restless? I’m not, as every episode that we read about is laden with meaning and insight into the man and life that not only changed history but defines history. (Note: these are carefully chosen words – chew over them).

Living in a culture that is always trying to drive us forward, I would like to put my hand up and call out “STOP, WAIT, LISTEN”. There is huge danger that we miss much of the significance of life by always pressing on to the next thing. Whilst we can anticipate the future (and it’s looking glorious for those who would follow this baby/boy/Saviour), and learn from the past, we can only live in the present. I’m not going to presume to say what that might look like for you, but how about trying this little exercise to engage your senses, right where you are: use your eyes to revel in the sights before you (the markings on a flower, the body language of someone speaking into a mobile phone – careful not to stare!); use your ears to pick out as many sounds as you can (birds, motorbikes); use your nose to sniff out whatever’s about you (whether the aroma of fresh coffee or the stink of manure); use your fingers to touch and explore what everything around is made of (and ponder where it came from); use your taste to savour a piece of toast (substitute something simple that you enjoy); use your memory to review (and try and make sense of) your yesterday and your imagination to anticipate (and prepare for) the day ahead.


That’s a flavour of living in the present. Try looking back over days 21-35 and pick out one or two themes to work through and own. Oops! – am I slipping into setting homework? Sorry.


Father God, the gift of time is amazing. Help me to live in rhythm with time, not trying to rush ahead, or wish it would pass more slowly or quickly. Bring alive my senses to savour each day, each hour, each moment and all that takes place in them. Amen. PS. Is this an insight into what eternal life is about?

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