Day 280 – No Foothold
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An angel from heaven appeared to Jesus and strengthened him. Luke 22:43

We are, of course, on holy ground as we ponder Gethsemane. Just as angels appeared to announce Jesus’s conception, birth and resurrection, here an angel comes alongside Jesus to help Him bring to completion His Father’s plan for the rescue of Mankind.

Was the devil trying to manipulate the situation as well? He had entered Judas who, even as this scene took place, was leading soldiers to arrest Jesus. The devil wanted Jesus dead and out of the way. Could he not see, though, the bigger picture? Jesus’s death and resurrection were not evidence of His demise, but the keys that would achieve the double unlocking of the salvation of the Human Race. He can’t have seen this. Had he realised that, actually, he was colluding with God’s eternal plan, he’d surely have been horrified. The devil is powerful but (a) not as powerful as Jesus and (b) he doesn’t have discernment of God’s plans.

I would venture to suggest that the angel was sent by the Father to reassure the Son that His understanding of God’s plan was correct, and that He should stick with it, in spite of the understandably human doubt and reluctance that the pressure of the moment had brought upon Him. The devil tries to exploit what we feel and see. God strengthens us to hold onto what we believe by faith. Jesus chose to walk by faith, not by sight.

You and I will find ourselves doubting God’s plan for our life, particularly at moments of high stress. We can learn from this incident that we need Divine strengthening and empowerment to see us through, steadfast to the end. Without it, relying on our own strength, we are likely to change our mind and lose our way. We must give the devil no foothold.


Father God, alert me to the danger of acting on the ever changing evidence of my eyes and emotions, rather than trusting in Your unchanging Word. Strengthen me, as You did Jesus, to give the devil no foothold, but stick with the plans You have shown me. Amen

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