Day 266 – Great Divide
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As we approach Jesus’s death and resurrection, the focus increasingly falls on the future, some of which has already happened. And a great divide becomes increasingly apparent: between value and cost; between what will last and what will not; between those who believe anything and those who test everything; between those who persecute and those who testify; between those who will faint and those will stand; between those who drown their sorrows and those who bring them before their Heavenly Father.

We have a choice. We can be a person whose giving is at little real cost to themselves; whose actions look good, but have no lasting value; who will run with the crowd and dismiss those who don’t; who will wilt when the pressure is on, turning to creature comforts for instant relief.

Or we can give all we have to that which will stand the test of eternity; weigh carefully what we believe and live our life accordingly, regardless of how counter cultural it might be and the opposition we might face, bringing our joys and sorrows to the One we can call “Abba Father”.

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