Day 231 – Crossfire
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As soon as I wrote yesterday’s thoughts, I knew that I needed to put into action what I’d been writing. There and then. How so?

Earlier in the week, I had been discussing my progress with “In the Footsteps of the King”, and the fact that I was frustrated that it didn’t seem to be “getting out there”.  My son, godly young man that he is, made two observatons:  firstly, following Jesus is like a revolving door; try and go too fast and the door stops and you bang your nose. Go too slow, and it pushes you forward. I needed to go at His pace.

Secondly, if progress with ItfotK was slower than I’d like, it could just be that God was wanting to do a work in me first, putting into practice what I was writing about. Then it would be real!

Having written Day 230, it suddenly occurred to me that it was directly relevant to the day ahead.

A close, Christian friend had been diagnosed with cancer in her spine. She couldn’t stand, let alone walk. Her husband had died a few years before. She wanted to live to see her daughter married and hold her grandchildren. Desperate.

We were visiting her in hospital and I had just written about Jesus giving sight to a blind man and Peter commanding a lame man to his feet. Was I just writing encouraging words or was I prepared to “GO FOR IT” myself. Yikes, this was real. I discussed it with my wife.  How would such a prayer be received?  Would she spring to her feet? Would nothing happen? We agreed we had to go for it.

We spent four hours with our friend. It was a time of deep sharing and many tears. She was holding onto pain about the husband she had lost; how she’d coped alone with her children, one married, one unmarried; and she had fears of her own. We prayed that her unmarried  daughter would find a husband; we prayed she would see her married, and hold her as yet unborn grandchildren. We prayed for her to be able to stand, so she could go home that week.

Did she get up there and then? No. Do I know, as I write, what the outcome will be? No. Do I believe a work of great healing was started in her there and then? Yes, I do. But in His timing.

As we left, I realised we were walking through revolving doors.

That night, I paid a price. Awake for hours, I went through deep darkness about what I was achieving with my writing; was anything I was doing worth it? I was totally despondent and quite exhausted. The words of a song by the American singer/songwriter, Brandon Flowers  came to mind: “we’re caught up in the crossfire of Heaven and Hell.”

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