Day 220 – Decision Time
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“Decision Time” would nicely summarise  the latter section of Chapter 17. We can allow our eyes to stay focussed on the things around us that clamour for our attention. Or we can attune our ears to a different summons. A still, small voice that can so easily be lost in the hubbub of the everyday.

One choice is deceptive – we will think we are in control; but we’re not. The other is unexpected; but we have already been told that this is the only true path.

Jesus said: “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

This is a big claim; offensive to many. It demands a decision that we all have to make. Today – or on a day that is coming.


Lord Jesus, I come to you of my own choice, that I might grow to love You as You have loved me. I pray for those known to me, that they too might meet You in the here and now, rather than waiting until that day when we will all have to give an account for what we have done with our lives. Amen.

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