Day 203 – Lost or Found
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Luke 15 presents three stories, each of which point us towards a basic truth about ourselves and about God. We are lost, in need of rescue; He comes to look for us and, when He finds us, there is serious celebration.

How do the stories differ? The sheep had wandered off and probably realised it was lost but was quite unable to do anything about it. The coin was lost, but neither realised nor cared about it. It is the one who is experiencing the loss that is concerned and goes looking. The son realised he was lost and came back of his own accord, but was blown away by the reaction to his return.

Jesus didn’t give us an interpretation of his triplet of parables, but maybe He is pointing us here to different sorts of people. The coin represents those who have nothing to do with religion or faith. Indeed they may well be actively opposed to the church and antagonistically vocal into the bargain. But God is still on their case, and so should we be, however apparently thankless the task.

The sheep, maybe, represents those who are potentially interested in faith matters and could become seekers if they are sought out and invited to explore for themselves how it  would work in their life. And walked alongside, as they will need guidance and encouragement to keep going – like any sheep.

The son, surely, represents Christians who have gone off the straight and narrow, come a cropper, hear the call of the Father’s love, and return, nervous as to how they will be received. Do we realise when a brother or sister has left? And are we scanning the horizon for them and waiting at the gate for their return?

As we seek to walk in the footsteps of the King, are we attuned to the fact that, if the good news of Jesus is true, everyone is either lost or found? If someone remains lost they will perish. If they are found there will be celebration as they will join those enjoying eternal life. That most famous verse sums it up:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16


Father God, speak to my heart of those you would have me seek out, that I may search for them and invite them back to You; that there might be celebrations in heaven and on earth as one more that was lost is found. Amen

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