Day 20 – A Time of Preparation
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Chapter 1 of Luke’s gospel is as pregnant with anticipation as Elizabeth and Mary miraculously find themselves to be. We, along with the two families, are made ready for Jesus’s arrival into the world. He was to be a King and would have a herald go before Him, preparing the way for the One who would be THE WAY. As we take a breather at the side of the road, before stepping out to explore the most amazing story ever told, it’s worth reflecting on the revelation we’ve already received. God was performing miraculous interventions, speaking hope into downtrodden lives, lifting heads bowed in disappointment, announcing the fulfilment of historic prophesy, promising an unimaginable future kingdom. The Holy Spirit was revving up for a massive outpouring into the lives of all who would believe God’s promises. And all this before Jesus had even been born.

The pressures of everyday life can grind us down, wear us out, reduce our horizons, sap our energy, dampen our hope. If we are to reap the benefit of God’s engagement with His world through Jesus, we must lift our heads, open our minds and allow the Holy Spirit to release in us the praise that burst out of the lips of Mary and Zechariah when they realised just what God was doing in their lives.

Let’s pause , look up, and allow ourselves to be prepared for a life changing encounter with Jesus.


[The Moon intrigues me. Man has stepped there – on an alien planet. It reflects the Sun, bringing life and health to Earth. It shines light into darkness. Remind you of anything?

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