Day 181 – Depth of Vision
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Indignant because Jesus had healed on the Sabbath, the synagogue leader said to the people, “There are six days for work. So come and be healed on those days, not on the Sabbath.” The Lord answered him, “You hypocrites! Doesn’t each of you on the Sabbath untie your ox or donkey from the stall and lead it out to give it water? Then should not this woman, a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has kept bound for eighteen long years, be set free on the Sabbath day from what bound her?” When he said this, all his opponents were humiliated, but the people were delighted with all the wonderful things he was doing. Luke 13:14-17

I can’t decide whether to seethe or laugh at this scene! There are none so blinkered as religious types on their high horses. And how ridiculous they seem compared with “the people”, who were delighted at what Jesus was doing. Of course, the same “people” would only too soon turn turtle and become the crowd that colluded in Jesus’ unjust execution. But we’re not there yet.

Jesus was clearly indignant, so I must side with Him. He described the religious leaders, once again, as hypocrites. Saying one thing and doing another. Justifying their own actions whilst accusing others for theirs – when the goal of both was good.

What I find particularly interesting is the careful analysis of the situation that Jesus presents. Not just an angry retort, but a detailed explanation, albeit in just one sentence, of the background to his healing. The woman was “one of them” – a daughter of Abraham. She had suffered, for a very long time, at the hands of the accuser of the faithful. Although her condition appeared to be physical, it’s cause was spiritual, and Jesus seems to saying that, actually, what better day to “hurl down” Satan, than on the day when we stop other activity to focus on our worship of the God who delivers us from evil one. (Matthew 6:13)

For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down. Revelation 12:10

What do I learn from this? Take time and trouble to discern what is actually going on rather than accepting  first impressions. To do this with the eyes of Jesus we need to use the spiritual gift of discernment.


Father God, grant me the gift of discernment, along with the patience and resolve to use it, that I might look beyond the obvious to see what You see. Amen.

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