Day 117 – Reckless Living
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Luke 8 – what a chapter! We’ve been stretched from the role of women, through one of the most powerful parables, to a violent storm calmed, a dead child raised to life, a chronically ill women healed by a single touch. This is not everyday living for most of us.

But could it be? Should it be? Am I so entangled in the culture and expectations around me that I can’t even envisage what a life lived all out for Jesus might look like?

Is it about time I set sail from the safety of my comfort zone and embarked on some of what my friend from yesterday called reckless living?

What might that look like? I don’t think it would enhance Jesus’ reputation if I suddenly started rushing around bashing everyone with a Bible or asking awkward questions about their private lives and trying to force well meant prophetic words into their reluctance.

This will sound contradictory, but I need to prepare carefully if I am to start to live recklessly.

Faith is not something we acquire like a new app for our phone. Rather, it is like a muscle that develops as we exercise it. Similarly – and this will sound contradictory – I will need to prepare carefully if I am to start to live recklessly.

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